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Here are answers about the desire to analyze your creativity.

This book permitted to review an international network newspaper’s pedagogy. This book helps you writing. It lists the processes to find or to seek the way to write. It also helps to spread what has been done.

Definitions about the usefulness and the writing’s processes allow you to grow towards rich and useful texts.

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6 Writing for Others

We always write for others. It is always interesting to show our texts, to know where we go. Mastering your life with others is your trump card.

If you are telling, you live for others. That you write is easy to understand. It is therefore necessary to explain to anyone listening that he can bring self-communication to others. One gets rich then faster, while showing himself as a teacher in listening.

If you are listening, the more you differentiate yourself from the other, the more you learn with himself. If we think about a possible mistake, it would have come another day. So it’s best to anticipate, rather than suffer. Going to meet others allows you to write for them.

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