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Tell about the Others

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Sunday 21 October 2018 by Matthieu Giroux

When you are sensitive or creative, there is no problem to write. You want to rise. Watching others and remembering helps to find out how to write about himself and about them.

Writing allows to highlight. But above all, it is used to tell other lives. They are to highlight, thanks to his ego while observing. At this moment we show how we see our environment, to understand ourselves even better.

We observe others and we fill their mysteries, with our ego. Logic and seeking for meaning are used to create characters, exaggerated or sensitive. It is easier to exaggerate a character than to build it, for someone introverted.

The best is to observe, to note, to find a story and to choose a model, if the creation is missing. While re-reading himself, writing is revealed to himself, by dint of going towards the others. At the end, we build the way of thinking that we perceive, because any way of thinking is a simple opinion.

My Notes

Write about the people at your neighborhood or village...