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This book permitted to review an international network newspaper’s pedagogy. This book helps you writing. It lists the processes to find or to seek the way to write. It also helps to spread what has been done.

Definitions about the usefulness and the writing’s processes allow you to grow towards rich and useful texts.

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Finding a Partner
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Article published on 15 October 2018

by Matthieu Giroux

While seeking always from the same subject, we dissatisfy. If we do not learn anymore, we get tired of life. So we have to find a partner different from ourselves.

A teacher noticed that some students followed the way that he believed they will do. Others students changed completely with an important event or with their desire for difference.

To find a partner, you have to know how to take the best advantage from your side. If you are telling you have to associate to a prolific or pragmatic partner. If you are listening you must associate to a speaker, a commercial, a communicator able to transcend you.

To choose a partner, you listen to your intuition or your heart ignoring your culture and your prejudices. You must consider how you can grow with this person. Expect the worst as the best to distinguish his limits. His partner knows it or you tell him a little about that.

My Notes

Write to a friend that you understand a little in order to realize a project with him ...

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