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Write for All

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Wednesday 17 October 2018 by Matthieu Giroux

There is a way to write that allows everyone to read. Writing for all does not necessarily please everyone. But the reader with it wants to read easily.

The more the reader escapes the less he feels to follow a path, the more he thinks for himself. That’s how he likes the author. He becomes independent while reading.

It is necessary to remove the sense’s errors, these faults which show its imprecision or its will to hide. The reader knows nothing about us. He wants to know everything about his author.

While removing the meaning’s errors, then supporting his writings, we become accessible. We must not take away the sentences’ rhythm, but leave the poetry or the humor, that we liked. We must be wary about that we do not like, because a fear can prevent us from being released.

Do not hurt anyone who reads. So do not tell him how to think doing generalities. The reader likes to be informed. The reader loves objectivity, meaning, suspense. Objectivity is never fully achieved. Searching for objectivity and for sense is therefore constant.

We mustn’t say how we see ourselves, but rather describe a daily life, to bring the reader closer to his life every day. When we talk about everyday life, the reader finds his life’s elements. He finds the desire to follow. He likes novelty then.

Humor makes it possible to write for all. Few people laugh when they read. Exaggerating our personality allows us to find humor and poetry.

We must know the writing’s advantages for all, such as suspense, the facts’ reality, many dialogues, poetry, the words’ beauty, surprise, its technique, precision informing the reader. It is important to support adding more.

My Notes

Write a story that pleases you, then the reader...