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Here are answers about the desire to analyze your creativity.

This book permitted to review an international network newspaper’s pedagogy. This book helps you writing. It lists the processes to find or to seek the way to write. It also helps to spread what has been done.

Definitions about the usefulness and the writing’s processes allow you to grow towards rich and useful texts.

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3 Writing a Story

Writing a story can be a starting point to invent. We create a situation that is unexpected for the reader but wanted you.

The reader likes to be guided. So feel free to lead him with your objectivity.

My Notes

Write about a recent and unexpected situation...

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Write a First Poem
Published on 19 November 2018
by Matthieu Giroux

The best way to understand his emotions is to read the poem later. A poem is just two endings with identical pronunciation, with about as many syllables per rhyme line.

We practice first with the rhyme in ing as :

* Loving is appropriating.

A strong rhyme, on two syllables for example, (...)

Writing a First Story
Published on 19 November 2018
by Matthieu Giroux

To write a story, while beginning, you write or tell yourself a script, or you write on a blank sheet about that rises from your brain. Writing on paper makes history logical. There must be no incomprehensible elements : meaning’s mistakes.

Your story must be understood. Describing the place (...)

Writing a Story Alone
Published on 19 November 2018
by Matthieu Giroux

A story is a path that learns about yourself. Idleness makes it possible to write it.

We usually write a story choosing characters who speak to the reader.

Then you can write "if...". Then the ideas can come as it. If nothing comes, just think about what you’ve been living recently. Or you (...)

Writing a Story in a Team
Published on 19 November 2018
by Matthieu Giroux

It is possible to write several stories as a team, spinning as many sheets as there are people. We do that limiting sentences’ number of words written.

Writing a novel, or an advanced story, requires brainstorming. Brainstorming is finding a story in a team. We choose a theme. Then we try (...)

Fixing your Text’s Structure
Published on 19 November 2018
by Matthieu Giroux

Criticizing is very difficult. We cannot follow ourselves. So we grow faster than understanding our ego. If we do not know how to understand each other, we have to see that others write similarly, then we compare with that we have made.

You get to criticize yourself growing. At the end you (...)