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See your Uncertainty
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Article published on 17 October 2018
last modification on 21 November 2018

by Matthieu Giroux

Everybody has been uncertain. If we do not think that, there are questions to ask.

What should we do if we had to make a uncertain decision ? According to our conscience, we should have one chance out of two to deceive us.

We must therefore believe that our choices’ honesty is acquired with the decisions made. How to do otherwise? While writing down his uncertainty, we can then make decisions a few days reading that uncertainty. Speaking with someone, after writing, we can lift our confidence’s lack.

It may be necessary to ask questions to those around himself, because uncertainty, defining it, is not understandable. We must also understand why we got there each time. Then we try to avoid this scenario that has get its defects’ origin. Some of our faults are hidden by some fear. To regain self-confidence displaying this fear can, little by little, explain the latter, to make it ridiculous.

We see that many people make uncertain decisions. A way to stand out should be to become honest, being sufficiently independent, thanks to the judgment on himself. Humility allows us to find our faults, while highlighting ourselves for others.

If you do not want to know each other, you end up making bad decisions. We rely on others to judge. We go so far as to judge others without knowing each other. We do not know anything about others because we do not know each other.

Here is the recipe to become known by his honesty, source of happiness. You have to get the freedom to think and to fill the shortcuts that have always been taken in childhood.

The freedom to think is acquired by not being morally dependent of others. We create rules that allow us to be autonomous.

We all wanted to achieve goals through intuition, to save time. An intuition not understood or unwritten is lost.

Understand little by little his tricks can show his strengths. One day, we believe that we have very quickly and very well grown. Our defects have been filled understanding them. This allows you to make decisions in the right way. So we move towards this sensible direction.

One day maybe we will be congratulated for a decision made. What does it matter ? The important thing is to explain how it was done. We must then show that we would imagine, to verify that we are not mistaken.

Our independence satisfies us. Our decision-making strengthens us. We have to experiment transferable value. However, we must not forget our buried tricks, because we know them. We just want to forget them. Why not crush them seeking for its truth?

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