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Tuesday 16 October 2018 by Matthieu Giroux

Criticize is that we do the most. But that’s not that we do the best. We criticize confusing our intuition and our prejudices.

Intuition detects that does not fit. But, without defining it with words, it is distorted by prejudices, even a culture, if the latter does not grow.

Someone humble can criticize others. He knows how to build for others while thinking with the general interest. He knows how to ignore himself, in order to understand others, to see his differences and qualities. If we do not know how to forget each other to compare, his judgment is at best reasonable, at worst not appreciable or worthless.

Listening allows criticism but selfishness distorts any judgment. Humility helps to repress it. Selfishness is used above all to grow. Comparing yourself to others with your ego is often laughable to someone humble.

My Notes

Write on you without valuing or devaluing yourself…
Then write about someone who is hard to understand with the same method…
Read again ..