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Set up a Project

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Thursday 18 October 2018 by Matthieu Giroux

A project is:
 • A start to a destination, an end.
 • Objectives to achieve it.
 • Built with others.

A project can be anything we want. With others we can indeed imagine a lot of kinds of goals. This is why some projects are realized easier than others.

To set up a project you must first write what it brings to those who benefit from it. Describing who he is talking to therefore creates the first step. Another step is built with the definition of the project’s end.

Then we write objectives to fill the gaps, in order to set up his project. To find the gaps, we scroll through his scenario from the end, wondering how we go to the next step. Reading his project to others allows to highlight it, criticizing it.

We then look for the errors that can occur, giving then secondary objectives. We therefore define the risks or possible flaws.

We then make a growth’s plan for the project, looking for coordination’s errors. Secondary problems are filled with secondary actors or objectives.

A project’s show is set up, mixing the important elements. We are finally looking for partners for the project, partners who fill our flaws, or add assets.

It is necessary to know :
 • The project area.
 • The project’s show.
 • Pragmatism.

You can read chapters in the book such as Writing a Show or Criticizing. They help you to set up your project.

My Notes

Write your project that you want to achieve ...