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Creative Author or Reader

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Wednesday 17 October 2018 by Matthieu Giroux

Authors who invent and listen read less than those who wish to get the others’ writings. But their writings are taken up by authors who read a lot.

Building a new text is not made like a music score. It is not enough to change this partition. This is to fill a gap that we found. It is about modifying that is misunderstood. We detect the elements that understand each other badly, when we try to understand that has been written. Meaning and style are paramount in a text.

To invent is to ask questions, around his limits. The creator becomes a genius because he allows others to grow. Our limits are, for some, an accessibility to others.

Those who read and who invent get away the human limits, asking the right questions, those that help others. Their writings are sufficiently worked to present their invention or idea.

My Notes

Write on your limits...