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Writing with What ?

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Monday 5 November 2018 by Matthieu Giroux

We’re still writing our Lives. At the beginning, writing makes it possible to learn more about oneself or others. At first, it’s hard to understand each other or the others. Starting from that we know the best, while exploring the unknown, allows us to go further. It gives, then, the desire to inform oneself, to give its opinion.

We get information according to our paths. Journalism1 provides information. You don’t have to get against yourself growing. People who teach us new information can bring that’s missing. That we refuse to listen to holds back our potential to grow, because we do not know how to criticize it.

At the end, writing becomes a game where our issues are delivered with our cards. These cards, which give meaning to our texts, come from that has been learned in our way. Our opinion is paramount, because we are all made on the same way.

My Notes

Write about a lecture you saw...

Conferences can be found on websites of videos, libraries, associations wishing to disseminate information.