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Here are answers about the desire to analyze your creativity.

This book permitted to review an international network newspaper’s pedagogy. This book helps you writing. It lists the processes to find or to seek the way to write. It also helps to spread what has been done.

Definitions about the usefulness and the writing’s processes allow you to grow towards rich and useful texts.

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Having an Opinion
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Article published on 6 November 2018
last modification on 21 November 2018

by Matthieu Giroux

We never completely agree with that we are told, because we filter that we hear, with our mind. This human error therefore requires an opinion.

But then you have to confront your opinion with reality. We can then say that we were wrong. An opinion always grows, because it was always imperfect at the beginning.

Then we still grow with time. The shameful problems come for those who do not change their mind, because they do not confront reality or even the situation. They end up with failures.

An opinion it is :
* A beginning of understanding.
* Human growth.
* Understanding others.
* A human filter on information.
* Socializing.

A notice can be wrong. He’s bound to be a little bit at first. It can be insoluble, futuristic, inappropriate. If your opinion is futuristic, you can lead projects, confronting others.

You have to write to find out where your opinion comes from. We realize, while reading each other, that there are imperfections, if we challenge ourselves sometimes. These imperfections may hide an information’s lack. This information’s lack may hide a serious error on his part.

Print, radio and television media only broadcast the information we want to hear. All the media distort the information, because of an editorial line, or because of some form of censorship. We must therefore check where the information comes from, how it is disseminated, understand the opinions generated, whether there is information’s withholding and which one.

My Notes

Imagine your opinion, when you have fulfilled your faults, those that prevent you from fulfilling your full potential...

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