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Substance or Style ?

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Monday 5 November 2018 by Matthieu Giroux

There are two kinds of writers :
* Writers attached to style or telling.
* Writers attached to the background or to listen.

If we tell, finding ideas with relationships, or reading, allows us to move quickly. Otherwise, finding a formatting, or reworking his writings, improves the style, which improves.

Working with someone who has already written, or someone who is your opposite, can improve. Your writing then becomes sufficiently homogeneous to be heard.

To write, you have to be willing, if you’re listening. We’re working on our texts, to improve style. So we’re growing.

We’re analyzing ourselves, changing our style. Finding someone to technically improve your creativity helps you understanding others better.

If we’re telling, we need to find out who or what we are. If we communicate a lot, we understand the others.

Explaining positively to others who they are helps to fill them. Then they bring us from the bottom.

My Notes

Write about someone who’s your opposite...