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Why to Write ?

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Saturday 17 November 2018 by Matthieu Giroux

You write :
* For yourself - at first you talk to yourself.
* To find out that is being done.
* For others - then we talk to others.
* To keep his life’s draw.
* To tell the good side of your life.
* To expose something.
* To understand.
* To imagine a story and relive it.
* To report for work.
* To blossom.
* To anticipate the future.

To improve yourself, you have to go to the subjects that you know little about : listening or communication.

The objectives differ, depending on his personality. Some things can be filled more easily while doing certain things.

Writing is for the one who listen to :
* His technique.
* His style.
* Grow.
* Prepare his dialogue.
* Introduce themselves.

Write is used for the one who communicates to :
* Keep the draw of that he says.
* Get to the root of things.

My Notes

Write, believing you to be a politician, a hero who has conquered an entire people...