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How to Write ?

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Tuesday 6 November 2018 by Matthieu Giroux

Use as many methods as possible. There is writing with constraints, which allows to find writing, if we think about the others.

Situation setting is a very good method to write well. We’re looking for reasons to write well, to think the right way.

In the beginning, a writing workshop allows you to put yourself into a situation. Introspection helps you to be inspired. You talk to yourself, then you write for others. With questioning and motivation, we put ourselves into a situation. Then reflexes can come.

Sometimes you don’t notice you’re using a new method. That’s why we let ourselves going and saying, "If..."using our idleness. Then …
• Writing a plan, or thinking about it, then allows you to work on your style, or create a story.
• Writing spontaneously helps you to find a style and to work it out.
• Prepare for that is missing and improve on your flaws.
• Using brainstorming, creating a group story, helps build a story. Second, the story must make sense.
• Use perfectionism to work on a newly found flaw.

My Notes

Write describing two images. We will be the beginning of the story. The other one will end...