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Write a Speech

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Wednesday 31 October 2018 by Matthieu Giroux

Telling to people requires knowing them and fulfilling their desires. Creating a discourse requires being in action and objectivity, allowing those who listen to identify with themselves. The descriptive phrases are related to the common human values, which are reason, freedom, brotherhood, solidarity, love, fear, etc.

The beginning of a discourse is therefore to create at least one desire. A desire shared with the listener is described. We write that led to this desire, his desires that he begets, other desires brought by his desires. We seek objectivity, by proposing to those who listen to build a project with them.

Then we satisfy the desire, by emphatically proposing his opinion, his project. The emphasis is about finding more and more positive words, with a more and more sustained musical rhythm. Creating a rhythm with action verbs intensifies his emphasis. Short sentences have one or several objects, which are highlighted with praise.

We need an end to his speech. We write a thought, read or written, that fills the listener while referring to someone he knows, or written emphasis. With it, the public participates in your ideas.

We reread our speech, looking at how the listeners will perceive that we have written, in order to enhance ourselves. So you have to understand the human to write a speech.

If you want to know more about making speeches, contact your public writer, go to a public speaking study, or read a book about public speaking.

My Notes

Write a speech about that you like about other people...