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Sunday 4 November 2018 by Matthieu Giroux

The constraints is only useful to seek for writing.

This type of process can be used in groups or for yourself :
* Find words and place them in your text. This allows to write spontaneously.
* Place images or photos in the text to work on the description.
* Start sentences with words such as "if" or "like". Do not hesitate to confront the negative with the positive.
* End sentences with certain rhymes. This allows you to work on poetry in order to know your emotions.
* Learn a new type of text. There are many ways to write, so to be understood.
• Use of a work or analysis method to learn some jobs.
* Make the journalist, with the Internet, or your friends, to use curiosity.
* Rework a text, with a goal. We’ll get better if we reach the goal.

This type of process can be used in groups:
* Fill in the gaps in a text, from which sentences or words have been avoided. It makes the imagination working.
* Turn leaves towards your neighbour, left or right. It makes dexterity work, because some people write out loud.

My Notes

Try the different ways to write with a constraint.


  • Constraints
    20 June 2022, by Glenda

    Post writing is also а excitement, if yoս know after that you
    can write otherwise it іs complex to write.

    Feel free to suгf tߋ my blog; [avoidance->]