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Correcting a Poem
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Article published on 4 November 2018

by Matthieu Giroux

Correcting, or rereading a poem, lets you know the emotion that the reader likes. We feel a lot through rhythm. The rhythm in poetry is represented by syllables. A foot is his voice’s sound.

We first try to replace certain comparisons with metaphors, in relation to the emotion produced. Rereading his poem aloud, or with someone else, helps to find sensations. The Dream creates metaphors.

Vers with even syllabs are more harmonious. The silent "e" can be pronounced, but the apostrophes are reread with the word. We must therefore avoid the "E", which is not very bewitching. Clarifying his poem allows to better convey the emotion.

Similarly, matching the singular with the singular, the plural with the plural creates cohesion. The hiatus are two identical syllables, side by side, which produce an identical sound. It is a little smooth so as to avoid. On the other hand, the hiatus is interesting to surprise.

Thus the rhymes can be followed in A-A-B-B to homogenize. Alternatively, you can switch to A-B-A-B in order to diversify. We can also move a rhyme at the end, to create a surprise’s effect, then reprinted, so that the reader is interested at the end of the poem.

The Alexandrine is a very harmonious twelve foot verse. It is difficult to achieve. In fact it requires to count each foot of worms, cutting the rhythm, two or three times, in order to make it readable.

In classical poetry, we speak of "richness of rhymes", when two rhymes are of equal resonance. "time" and "rhyme" or "way" and "day" are prettier than "smile" and "awhile" or "view" and "you".

My Notes

Correct a poem according to some of the rules that you think are important...

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