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Write a Romance

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Sunday 28 October 2018 by Matthieu Giroux

To write a romance requires to feel, in himself, an emotion that speaks. Are we driven by the ideas’ dual, or by that we experience every day ? Both points of view are paramount. We use one more than the other. Knowing that can homogenize his texts.

Learning about others allows you to write for them. We write for others when we think about the the reader’s perception, that we know he will like or not. To write a romance, you also have to get yourself in a situation, with your characters. To locate himself can be learned doing theatre.

When writing a first draft, you should keep in mind the oral perception about that you are writing. Writing this perception, with a common vocabulary, transcribes the characters as we perceived them. Keeping this oral view of the characters’ behaviour, permits to improve the texts, without removing the novel’s sense.

Choosing characters drawn from the lived experience allows you to show your explored lives, with your intimacy, or with your perception. Everything we wanted to find allows us to write and imagine situations. Each character has an growth’s plot. This romance is short, if that’s enough, or long if it talks.

The reader should focus on the characters’ future. So they have to take risks that tell to the reader. Obviously love is the theme telling to everyone. But we can add other little stories, which have a connection to romance. We can say, " so.."to imagine these parallel stories.

Using a script lets you know if that you’re writing makes sense and tells you. The meaning is always being sought. Summarizing the romance reveals changes to be made.

You can write with someone else, to motivate yourself, using brainstorming and the constant different qualities of each.

Writing a romance requires staying in its characters’ world for a long time. You become a dreamer, but talking to people whom look like you can make more sense, more everyday situations.

A good romance is a romance whose the author knows how to sweeten the reader. Knowing what the reader wants is therefore paramount. Knowing that he wants from himself, fills you with his technique. His technique is self-knowledge, filled with improved style, added meaning, worked rhythm, avoided mistakes.

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