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Write a Biography

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Thursday 27 September 2018 by Matthieu Giroux

Writing a biography requires research and requires the respect of the people for the protagonist. We must be wary of ourself or others, because the memory or the perception can be faulty. So looking for evidence and meaning is paramount.

If we wish to realize a biography entirely real, we must carry out:
 • Genealogical research.
 • Searches for old documents.
 • Photos of found objects.

Journalism is the key to work. It must undoubtedly be ensured that the sources chosen are correct

The genealogy is very often correctly written, but lacks information of the daily newspaper. It allows to create a friends’ network around the biography to create. In France the departments provide genealogical information from 100 years back. Cemeteries and the elderly can start the family tree. Online archives are free and distributed from 150 years of age. Web sites exist. Otherwise the departmental archives are available from 100 years of age.

The postcards, written on the back, need to study the author and to do at worst a simple job of journalist, at best psychology, detail or psychoanalysis. We seek the correspondences with the living people. If the destiny is the same, the interview becomes necessary.

Audio documents, videos or photos require scanning to keep visible or audible traces of the past. These documents enrich the biography, to create the biography’s website.

You need to have broadcast rights and check the restrictions requested by the authors, or even the people you watch. If the actors are in a public place, you may not ask permission. However the agreement for the interviews requires to transcribe the statements according to the integrity of the remarks held. We must keep the goal while leaving the frame and the meaning.

Digitizing with the best possible quality the originals allows that their copies respect the document as well as possible. Old documents usually have better support than those currently available. Character recognition can be used to complete the texts’ digitization.

Contacting the close family can also retrieve objects to take a picture. Thus the reader identifies and imagines the biography’s people.

In the end we have a book and a resource center, which can be used to present the book. We have enriched our life with another’s or with our own life.

If there are not enough writings, it is possible to create a biographical novel, in order to add people that we imagine, without having the proof that they are well like that.

The biographical novel is more accessible for others because we adapt the characters to that we dream. We create the characters or bits of missing characters.

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