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Article published on 22 September 2018

by Matthieu Giroux

We can test our journalism at Agora Vox web site. Agora Vox means in Greek the voice of the forums.

There is no need to have a nice style to be a journalist. To verify its information and to be precise makes it possible to be respected. The writing of an article must above all be understood.

Agora Vox is a site of amateur journalists unlike Rue 89, which is reserved for journalists with their card. Rue 89 is publicized.

On participative sites the journalist is criticized. His polemics are cleansed. This makes it possible to know how an article is worth. We grow very quickly writing on these sites.

We still trust the media, with an editorial line. An editorial line is a censorship. The reader must know this editorial line, so as not to be mistaken.

However, the web forums are being set up little by little. The forum is an exchange with a moderator. To be understood now you have to be listening and knowing how to answer. A posteriori censorship is censorship after publication. Forums with a posterior censorship are the freest ones. This censorship is possible and ideal on the Internet, because it censors little in general.

We see more or less interesting articles on Agora Vox. The most interesting are not related to traditional media.

In these articles, as soon as there is criticism of a system without proposal, the netizens criticize at their turn nervously. We take sides so the positions close. The public is close to 50% satisfied.

When there is a proposal and a criticism, the Net surfers attach themselves to the dysfunctions of the criticism. Criticism builds on the past of the author or article. So we ask for the skills or the sources. If there is a bad introduction or an introduction taking advantage, 50% of readers can adhere.

A neutral introduction with proposals taking a positive bias makes 60% satisfied or even more. When there are only proposals the surfer is convinced, because it can not contradict the non-existent polemics. We build loyalty informing the reader. Giving information can feed it. The most interesting readers add or mark their position. We then add information to our article. Avoiding taking a position helps to remove the contradiction.

There are always 30% dissatisfied. Otherwise we only give exclusive information. These are the scoops. The scoops of the net are information, not only videos contrary to that shows television.

We remember half of that we read. Writing allows you to remember almost everything you understand. His opinion is better remembered than the readings of others.

Unconsciously the user who does not write an article wants to ask questions without necessarily looking elsewhere. He prefers to write, then come back, rather than inquiring elsewhere to contribute.

The work of the employees is usually repetitive. This prevents brainstorm. The over-mediatization of polemics and the desire to become social will then distort the discourse of Internet users.

The journalism of checking our sources works with the Internet. The web address beginning with http is the address of the broadcasted resource. It must be ensured that this address is reliable every time we find one. While checking the consistency of the website we check the reviews on free forums that we know. We must know every sort of opinions : right, left, anarchist, etc. It then enlarges its network of friends websites.

If we are not a journalist, then we only wants to look for polemics to give our negative opinion. We want others to feel. We see many articles rejected by Agora Vox, whose the authors do not build.

An article must be re-read to detect these construction problems. Rejected items are however picked up by netizens journalists readers, reading their articles refused.

My Notes

Write your opinion on a participative site, in which notices are visible as soon as they are sent ...

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