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The Forums

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Wednesday 26 September 2018 by Matthieu Giroux

Forums are the participation of every citizen in a group. So you have to define this group, to participate in your project to build.

Information permits to write. We are all dependent on some sources. This is why accepting to change sources and debate allows you to exchange your own information, to check if you are on the right way.

Nobody dares to really say why he makes certain choices. You have to know how to ask according to the interlocutor. Interested in him allows to ask.

Associations or parties want us to think about how to build the future. Talking and building with others makes it easier to set up that you want to do.

We go to citizen cafes, participative conferences, multimedia meetings, user groups. So we go to forums where there is always debate. Participate from the beginning allows to rise at the best.

We create a network or we participate in a think tank. We can then build its structure and define its objectives. A network allows you to create a structure.

Human is nothing without others. So it is better to trust those whom help. Sometimes we forget that. It is therefore necessary to think about the one whom has given the most important information. It is not necessarily the one we believe.

My Notes

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