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My First Sketch

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Sunday 28 October 2018 by Matthieu Giroux

You have to write a sketch whenever you feel like it. It is the derision’s spirit and the others’ knowledge that make the humorist. Freshness gives enthusiasm. Humor is about understanding yourself and having fun. If life were just a good mood, we should be more attentive to others.

To write a sketch, other cards of different genres are added. Being a comedian with friends can be funny, but then requires listening in order to improve. Or understanding humans makes to themselves fun, but may not be funny.

The listener likes to think that he has someone stupid in front of him. So we make it look like whoever’s telling the sketch is being ridiculous. It brings us closer to others. The more you know how to make fun about yourself, the more you grab an audience.

By using the different comedians to write his sketch, we fill his different listeners. We can use the situation comic and the pun, with exaggerated gestures, a game about character and manners. We can also use exaggeration, poetry, the language’s misunderstandings, astonishment, a strange situation, burlesque or touching characters.

In a first presentation, we see when the audience laughs. We can test, with them, a part of its history. Inventing stories makes it possible, for someone who holds back funny stories, to create amazing situations.

To write a good sketch, understanding the listener is paramount. To understand why the one who hears laughs can inform himself about himself. If you’re a psychologist, you’re already writing something that can be heard. You can also find that’s funny in some mimics. Second, using humour makes looking ridiculous.

Writing a good sketch requires being understood by the listener. To understand why the one who listens is laughing helps you to learn about yourself.

My Notes

Write a sketch with absurd human situations...