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Learning to Train
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Article published on 31 October 2018

by Matthieu Giroux

Training, when you don’t know the job, requires to listen and to tell. We need to know that the listener is asking for. There is usually one area where there has been a quick growth, while another is lacking to meet the demand. Also a listener doesn’t want to say that he doesn’t know. So we have to trust him.

If you listen to others a lot, you hesitate to value yourself, but you’re interesting. If we communicate a lot, we look good, but the content is missing. It is necessary to be complete, to train or to write.

But for you to train, you need to know how to communicate content. The one who is telling knows how to train quickly, but lacks training to create. He likes to read and analyze, however, in order to transmit, more than to teach others.

Those who listen must use their creativity to explain. He must understand the one who has trouble. However, later, it can create new studies, to learn and create.

At first, you don’t want to understand the one who has trouble, because you want to understand yourself. However, by training, we eventually understand the listener. Positive stress allows us to create attractive training studies. Creativity and positive stress are our greatest asset. Negative stress showed a lack, often due to poor preparation.

To train excellently, you must know how to go to those who do not understand us. Those who don’t understand us may not like us. Understanding why they can’t hear us makes sense. If they don’t like us they can tell us more easily why they don’t listen, if we fill them up.

The neophyte must understand your training. Getting a stranger to understand your training is the top of a successful training. You have to use the time when you are the most communicative and the most creative to achieve that. We can learn to become communicative and creative, through theatre, or while reading stories. The best actors are at the same time listening and telling.

There are courses on trainer training. Courses at the french “Conservatoire National des Arts et Métiers” focus on telling or preparation and follows up of training.

My Notes

Try to train a friend who wants something from you.

You have to know how to create a workshop. Before doing so, it is necessary to know that the listener is asking for and that is implied or not expressed in his request.

Open-ended questions are questions that tell a choice of answers. They provide a first response. Targeted questions are then used to ensure a good training’s understanding...

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