How to Write ?
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Here are answers about the desire to analyze your creativity.

This book permitted to review an international network newspaper’s pedagogy. This book helps you writing. It lists the processes to find or to seek the way to write. It also helps to spread what has been done.

Definitions about the usefulness and the writing’s processes allow you to grow towards rich and useful texts.

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Article published on 12 September 2018
last modification on 12 October 2023

by Matthieu Giroux

== History ==

The writing was born during prehistory. Initially it was only a means of calculation. It is idleness that has made it possible to create words. We then moved to new companies.

== Poetry and rising ==


  • Music we learn to live in society.
  • Architecture we tell how to build a society.
  • Poetry we strengthens our ego building to understand oneself, in order to understand others.

All that is needed is to use one’s will to learn, to build, or to grow to seek one’s truth.

We say that:

  • Scholars are incomprehensible.
  • We understand those whom are like us.
  • We do not remember everything.How to know what to do?Trying to be understood with poetry.Poetry makes it possible to understand others.The self-taught:
  • Can grow by himself while writing.
  • Says "if ..." in order to achieve a goal that he wants.
  • Can become a writer or teach others.Do you know how he does it?He seeks with the past to build the future, through passion, which is the will to achieve the goals on the short and long view.The writer:
  • Has an oversized ego.
  • Has grown while writing, probably through poetry.
  • Wonders about him without being afraid.Why is he not afraid?

Because he knows that self-understanding is essential.

Poetry allows:

  • To convince yourself and convince.
  • To understand each other and to teach to others.
  • To face each other without being afraid of yourself.

Just write in rhyme about our thoughts of the moment.

Then, the desire to evolve and the writing change us little by little.

Poetry is:

  • Rhymes and metaphors that tell us.
  • Beautiful text to hear and understand.
  • With little hiatus, so with few vowels confrontations.
  • Singing ballads or notes.

We start from known notes, then our poetry invents notes, to create songs.

== Why to write? ==

Without creativity:

  • We do not want to go forward,
  • Then we want to destroy,
  • Then we want to grab everything,
  • We scowl in an unreal world,
  • And we lose our listening.To write is:
  • Building with your creativity.
  • Making projects.
  • Comparing.
  • Improving.
  • Understanding each other.
  • Analyzing.To write is:
  • Remembering more than reading or hearing.
  • Remembering to build.
  • Becoming independent.
  • Focusing on the essentials.
  • Being interested for oneself and others.
  • Strengthening your ego.We write when:
  • We have nothing to do.
  • We think.
  • We want to keep proof of something.
  • We want to tell with someone.So we take a sheet and we say to ourselves if ...What is a passion?Sometimes a desire:
  • Awakens and puffs us,
  • We then want to achieve a goal,
  • This goal we set ourselves are self-explanatory,
  • Our mind is focused on this goals,
  • The necessary work becomes futile.A style is:
  • A way of thinking.
  • Fees at the very beginning.
  • Technique if we grow.
  • Always imperfect at first.
  • Unperfect for oneself.We are reading:
  • To be able to grow.
  • To be scared.
  • To criticize the background or the form.
  • About his relatives, authors, readers.
  • Knowing that the reader wants.While growing
  • We improve his style.
  • We are upset at first, then we get stronger.
  • Or we find partners for the fund.
  • There are new benchmarks.
  • We change our mind and strengthen it.
  • We are losing old harmful landmarks.We start writing
  • When we want to remember something.
  • When we do nothing thinking.
  • When we want to set up a project.So we write on a blank page saying "if ...".To write is
  • To seek the truth,
  • For everyone to seek a truth.
  • Whose is the source of our happiness,
  • Because our mind is satisfied with our research.
  • We are then ready to grow (while relaxing).One writes first for oneself, later for others.Writing for yourself first lets you:
  • Setting up a project.
  • Compare with that is done.
  • Having an opinion.
  • Growing.A project is:
  • A starting point to a destination.
  • Made with others for oneself then others.
  • A conclusion of oneself and others.

The conclusion makes it possible to create new desires.

The more you grow, the more you fill about your shortcuts. But some fears prevent us from evolving.

  • Writing a fear makes it possible to confront it to reality.
  • Writing allows to get closer to reality.
  • Writing allows to fill about our shortcuts.We then remember better what we do.To write :
  • Do nothing and think.
  • Then your mind tells about you listened to.
  • We do not really know that we think.
  • But while saying "if" we write on a sheet.
  • We keep track of it and we know each other better.
  • We diffuse our reflection.Differentiate
  • If the world is in action thinking.
  • While finding better to find more success.
  • Telling your opinion allowing you to grow.
  • Listening to your heart opening doors if you know yourself.
  • Understanding yourself with others allowing you to know society.The courtesy :
  • Is to highlight the unknown,
  • To get better,
  • In order to grow with others,
  • Then for others.How to write well?Writing well is:
  • Telling to others while building oneself,
  • Confronting to the human’s limits.
  • So, confronting to the unknown,

We then react better to the unexpected and we know each other better.

== To go far ==

We broadcast:

  • With forums and the web.
  • With his own workshops and a presentation.
  • With a constraint that pleases.
  • On paper or orally.We must have grown after broadcasting.Perfectionism makes it possible to grow.We are always good in our field. But:
  • We move faster with different people.
  • An antagonistic partner speaks to us about reality.
  • Our limits are also our telling with them.
  • Becoming independent is always done with others.We then confront his fears and we grow.A genius :
  • Brainstorms to one or more human‘s limits.
  • Is always on this limit.
  • Has a thoughtful writing.
  • Start on the easiest and go to the details.
  • Writes and distributes that he has written.The limits of the human to explore are in:
  • Politics and the environment.
  • The social.
  • Science.
  • New dissemination media.Some are repressed or misunderstood.Philosophizing makes it possible to understand them.We distinguish ourselves:
  • Being brainstorming instead acting.
  • Going to communicate if you listen.
  • Going to listen if you communicate.
  • Growing on the human’s limits.Everyone is made on the same way.However we are all different.If we know how to tell in our own way:
  • We are listened to, recognized
  • We grow with others, not like them
  • We are not forgotten according to a communication

== Seeking the truth ==

Why to seek the truth?

  • Our mind needs its truth.
  • Emotions do not make consistent choices.
  • One whom is rational and helped is happy.
  • Knowing our future permits to anticipate.
  • If we do not answer our questions we are unhappy and weak.Seeking the truth :
  • Adapt our mind to its environment.
  • Permits to understand this environment.
  • Permits to grow and become serene again
  • Makes happy because we are satisfied.
  • Permits to forget searching for the goods.
  • Permits to search for mental well-being.Platonic reflection
  • Consists about making assumptions,
  • To verify them by experiments.
  • If we search for the truth, we gain in insurance.It is a reflection of every civilized person.What is the economic truth?
  • Our economy is based on energy.
  • This energy can be unlimited (thorium, helium 3).
  • Energy makes it possible to create usefull jobs.
  • These great works allow irrigation,
  • Who can even irrigate deserts with energy.Now we are told that everything is becoming scarce.What is the social truth?
  • The entertainment society was the same used to slave in the United States.
  • Even leftist parties do not favor writing and personal development.
  • We are told about the history of the oligarchy without teaching us nations’ history and human progress, based on our creativity.When we know this truth
  • We know that we must reach this creative goal.
  • We seek to become coherent again.
  • We want to be in an ideal society,
  • That can be found.Just seek the truth.

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