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Print a Binding

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Tuesday 18 September 2018 by Matthieu Giroux

To create a real hardcover book, print in brochures for thermorelier. The result is 40-page booklets, which have the format of printed paper, divided by two. If you print your brochure on A4, the size of your booklet is A5.
We fold the brochures correctly. Two symmetrical holes are drilled into the fold and then joined together with a sufficiently strong thread. One knots with a knot of chair, or 3 simple knots tightly.

A spiral binding machine requires less work, costing a little more on consumables. The book is generally better done with. We can easily turn the pages. You do not print in brochure mode, but just double-sided to create the book.

A thermorelier or a spiral binder is used with a set of thermorelings or spirals.

For thermorelier it is necessary to obtain a paper cutter. It allows to cut the brochures. Then these are put in the thermorelings. We stick thanks to the thermorelier.

Otherwise a spiral goes through the holes created by the binding machine.
Your book is ready. It remains to diffuse it.

My Notes

Check how it is possible to print economically ...
Look at how many people own e-books or e-books.