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Here are answers about the desire to analyze your creativity.

This book permitted to review an international network newspaper’s pedagogy. This book helps you writing. It lists the processes to find or to seek the way to write. It also helps to spread what has been done.

Definitions about the usefulness and the writing’s processes allow you to grow towards rich and useful texts.

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Fixing Later
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Article published on 2 October 2018
last modification on 21 November 2018

by Matthieu Giroux

The style’s mistakes are very close to the sense’s mistakes. A style’s mistake is due to a technical lack. It’s a mistake on writing path. A style’s mistake is repaired while preparing and verifying that we say.

A meaning’s lack is created because of a content’s lack. We forgot to write some details. The more we understand each other, the less this kind of fault comes back.

The reader, when reading, asks questions. He may not immediately find answers to his questions. The style’s and meaning’s mistakes are seen after writing about that we did not know, or after writing too quickly. This is completely normal. But the reader wants to know everything. There are four ways to write about that you do not know:
 • Correct meaning seeking more explanation and objectivity, then rework.
 • Inventing an creative style, which will answer the questions that the reader asks himself. In other words do not hesitate to speak dim, expressing your point of view. A supported point of view is very important. It does not matter to give an approximate point of view, because the human does not have an answer to everything.
 • The reader can improve the style of the author because he knows that some things do not please. Indeed it is difficult to know that does not please at home, without confronting it. We accept the reader over time.
 • Do not write on a point that should be a detail if you do not know enough. We can however imagine to explain the illusive. But the reader must realize it. Otherwise we add an reference about the subject. We must not take the risk to loose the meaning about that we write.

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